Makeup Secrets From @Betsys.Pro.Makeup

There is always room for improvement in life and our daily beauty routine is no exception! The industry’s leading R.D.K.L. ambassador pro makeup artists have numerous makeup application tips that’ll guarantee beauty routine success. We asked them to spill the tea already! Get your brushes and palettes ready because we are about to spill all the secrets!

Secret 1 – Experiment and get out of your box! Why lead a life of boringness? We know your far from boring! If your skin prep routine is normally just a scrub and a moisturizer, try out a REAL ( R for R.D.K.L.) skin therapy regimen that replenishes and rebuilds instead of stripping and compensating. I mean lets face it, you would never just apply a self tanner without exfoliating! Skincare and makeup are both tools to have fun with your look – think of it as a fashion accessory and be courageous with your statement.

Secret 2 – Applying a face oil to the skin before applying makeup instead of a makeup primer. It will give your skin a natural glow and will help makeup go on SOOOOO much smoother. The GL”OIL” will moisturize your face before the foundation allowing you to enhance your natural features and not wear a mask.

Secret 3 – Nothing is more beautiful than full healthy brows. YES microblading!!!! I wish everyone would let their brows grow out. When brows are over-tweezed, they can look harsh and actually age the face. The soft lightweight oils in the facial oil help revive and stimulate brow growth and overall health. No need now to go under that knife!

Secret 4 – One of the things that I would love women to do more is prep the skin before any make up application by using a great quality moisturizer. R.D.K.L. Revive moisturizer corrects the appearance of blemish marks and the unevenness of visible pores, while hydrating and protecting your skin. No need again for a actual makeup primer!

Secret 5 – Apart from making my life a lot easier, I think clients would be amazed at the difference of how fresh, smooth, and flawless their makeup would look if they came to me with a clean, exfoliated, and hydrated face. A quick but a gentle wash and tone to get rid of any loose, dead, dry skin followed by a light hydrating serum and moisturizer is the perfect prep. Using the R.D.K.L. 5 step system is all anyone ever needs for a perfect flawless makeup application!

Go on…..I know secrets are never best kept to ourselves! Spread the love and share my secrets to your friends! I can assure you they will have some of their own!


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